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Odd Fiction

is pleased to present its new EP
Pochette de l'EP Puzzle Machine du groupe Odd Fiction
Pochette de l'EP Puzzle Machine du groupe Odd Fiction

The Band

Le groupe saluant son public a la Puzzle Party

But what exactly is Odd Fiction?

An instrumental fucked-up-Math band? A lawnmower? If we reasoned with a few more clues, we'd add a big bowl of "discordance", a few tons of "polyrhythm" and a barrel or two of "distortion", right?
Except that you can't make buzzwords out of buzzwords, nor can you make a man-letter without breaking knots.

Thus, as you have read, ODD FICTION likes to tangle the brushes, lost himself in his strange sound worlds, where the palm trees bloom from the eruption of volcanoes and where pistons and steel pipes replace bones and vital organs. Born from the passionate love between an alligator and a gasoline engine, the odd fiction alternates with pleasure between crawling progressions and twisted flows of riffs in fusion.

The heart which balances between the buldozer and the steamroller, the orchestra advances and crushes all that is used as musical furniture to him with the sounds of the built chaos which one structures, irritated raw shouting the architecture of the sound of the chalks.  Fruit of two years of rehearsal and dance to the rhythms of the tritons, Odd Fiction announces you here presently has release of its PUZZLE MACHINE second EP recorded by Robin Gallet  (Fatfuzz Records, NoFlipe) and mixed masterised by Hervė Faivre (Savage Sinusoid and Spirituality and Distortion from Igorrr, Pantophobie from Ni)

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Portrait de Thomas
Portrait de Léo
Portrait de Gab
Portrait de Pierre
Portrait de Thomas

Thomas Ripa


A human being with an ever-changing head of hair, he is one of the guitarists of the musical troupe as well as one of its founding members.
After having completed his training as a musician at the school where musicians are trained (EDIM), he would like to devote himself full time to Odd Fiction.
But this is a long adventure with many obstacles and he is still only 25% of the way through.


Power: Produce various super dissonant sounds with his gigantic underworld weapon.

Weapon: Gigantic underworld guitar.

Main characteristic: Never agree with Pierre.

Portrait de Léo

Leo Goudaroulis


A character with Greek origins and half-long half-short hair, depending on the side, he's the drummer and founding member of our group of adventurers.
He also officiates as... Drummer, in other formations such as Black-Out Arise, Ragaraja and others when he's bored. One wonders sometimes if he sleeps from time to time. Oh and he likes olive oil and oregano.


Power: Deafen his enemies with BOOM BOOM in the mouth and TCHIIIINNNK in the ears with his mega imposing weapon of darkness.

Weapon: Mega imposing drum of darkness.

Main characteristic: Can make delicious Breton pancakes. Not great for musical confrontations, but very practical during meal breaks.

Portrait de Gab

Gabriel Gadre


Red hair. And he plays the bass. Here's the face of the resume.
In addition to his hair color and his weapon, he has a rather classy job, besides that, he is a journalist for the Petit ZPL!
We like him a lot, so we keep him. Then in the end, the blows of bass in the face, that finishes rather well the trolls which would like to annoy us!


Power: Produce infrasounds that nobody hears except maybe the ants, thanks to his infernal weapon.

Weapon: Infernal guitar with only four strings. First item of the game, normally you take it, you try it, then you change quickly. He kept it, we don't know why.

Main characteristic: Late.

Portrait de Pierre

Pierre Cruz


Legend has it that one morning on his way home, a mysterious stranger stopped him thinking he was a faun straight out of Debussy's head. We never really understood why. All we know is that since this cataclysmic event, he has crossed paths with the Odd Fiction troupe and has become the band's second guitarist.
On the other hand, he does things in various MJC's along the way, he helps young adventurers, teaches them instruments, etc... A good guy.


Power: The same as Thomas. To produce sounds from his weapon in order to pierce directly the eardrums of his enemies. But Thomas and him having the same power and the same weapon, they prefer to face each other in duel during wild musical fights. And there are people who attend. Crazy world.

Weapon: Giga guitar probably abyssal. But nobody ever really knew.

Main characteristic: Never agree with Thomas. Help.

Technical Team

Sound engineer : Océane Landry
Sound engineer : Gabin Bory
Video Mapping : Alexis Ripa

Tour dates

Dates a venir

A short story of the band

First version of the band by Thomas, Léo, and Bastoul, a Punk-Rock band with Thomas on vocals.
The songs have no name, they are named from 1 to 6, then from 7 to 11. This 2nd part of the set starts to make the pieces more complex.
The 12th (Running Bac - School Loves Us) is the transition track to the new Odd Fiction formula with the arrival of Pierre on guitar and Lucile on bass.
Composition of the new songs from 1 to 4 that will make La Vie des Clowns.
The band reaches its definitive line up with the arrival of Gabriel on bass.
He learns the songs very quickly and retouches them in his own way, bringing a very strong identity on the bass.
Recording of La Vie des Clowns. First accompaniments and residencies.

The technical team starts to built up with Gabin Bory in charge of the sound and mixing of this 1st EP.

Released the band's 1st EP, La Vie des Clowns, on December 17, 2017.
Composition of the tracks from 5 to 8 which will make Puzzle Machine.
Design of the 3D mapping show with Alexis Ripa.

Thomas's brother Alexis imagines a huge Odd Fiction logo in the background of the stage to do video mapping on top of it.

Logo Odd Fiction en construction
Multiple residencies and concerts with VJing.

(l'Empreinte in Savigny le Temple,
MJC Boby Lapointe in Villebon sur Yvette,
le Plan in Ris Orangis,
Paul B in Massy, etc...)

First event self-organized by the band: the BiskorNight
Recording and Mixing/Mastering of Puzzle Machine.
Crowdfounding campaign at 2000€.

This one will allow to finance this new EP as well as a release party.

Pre-release of the EP with a livestream at the MJC Boby Lapointe in Villebon-sur-Yvette.
Official release of Puzzle Machine on July 10th 2021.
Release Party at La Ville du Bois : The Puzzle Party

Pictures of the Puzzle Party